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At Rashmi Javed Coaching, I empower intentional living with a mindfulness-based approach. Our blog series seeks to explore key topics that will also help you define and achieve your life, career, and parenting goals.

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How Women in their 30s Can Benefit from Life Coaching

Life throws us challenges at every stage in life. But for women in their 30s, the mounting pressures to reach self-imposed — or extrinsically-motivated — milestones may damper efforts to be truly happy or successful. This decade represents a new sense of evolution and growth with raised expectations for greater achievements and fulfillment.

From maintaining or seeking a romantic relationship and growing your career to managing new emotions such as loneliness, burnout, or depression, this time may include any number of stressful experiences.

Women are known to constantly juggle responsibilities in their career, at home, and as mothers. With a series of conflicting priorities, even the most successful and well-adapted women may find themselves chasing false ideals of perfectionism, honoring limiting beliefs, and turning to self-destructive behaviors to get it all done.

Here, we explore how women in their 30s can benefit from life coaching to create a healthier, more intentional life path.

Common Types of Coaching for Women in their 30s

Conscious Parenting

As parents, women experience the highs and lows of having the best job in the world. That said, building a connection-based relationship with your child/ren may not always be easy. Working with a parenting coach who focuses on leveraging the Conscious Parenting method to make more deliberate parenting decisions can transform relationships. With a mindfulness-based approach, it’s possible to quell the antagonism that may exist between a parent and child.

Asking the right questions to understand how needs on both ends are — or are not — being met can drive better outcomes. Women in their 30s who are parents may also be maintaining long-term relationships, managing their careers, and doing their best to stay socially connected to family and friends. With the help of a life coach who specializes in guiding parents to healthier parenting styles, these young women can develop more confident parenting skills that may offer rewards in other areas of their lives as well.

Life Coaching

Working with a life coach in your 30s can help bring the quality of mindfulness to dealing with your partners and loved ones. In order to be fully present in a relationship, one must engage in mindful listening and speech. This is not always easy to do when you’re trying to do it all. In order to build healthier relationships and nurture the connections you’ve established, women in their 30s need to set clear boundaries, thus minimizing codependency and enmeshment.

With better communication comes an enhanced level of respect and support for your needs as they relate to those you share relationships with. A life coach can guide you into making constructive decisions about when to say yes and when it’s okay to say no to those you love in the name of self preservation and serving your needs.

Life coaching can also serve women in their 30s by helping you to attain a better work-life integration. When dealing with anxiety and stress in different parts of your life, it’s important to tap into healthy coping mechanisms that can help effectively set goals, learn to prioritize, and invest in a self-care routine. In a world where doing and achieving is overvalued, it’s important for women to master the “art of being” as well.

Career Coaching

Some women in their 30s are well on their way serving as CEOs or selling out music halls, while other women are just getting into their careers after years of school, traveling, or pursuing other meaningful experiences. No matter where you might be on your career path, it may be worthwhile to check in with a life coach who has experience in career coaching.

These professionals can help you take ownership over your short- and long-term professional goals and design a plan that maintains steadfast growth over the long term. Growth may look very different to different people — and it should. A career coach for women should be able to offer personalized guidance in finding mentors, increasing productivity, preventing burnout, and working with more intention.

How I Can Help

In my life coaching practice, I empower intentional living with mindfulness-based coaching. I love working with women to help them realize their inherent potential to use their experiences as an asset while building a more fulfilling life. Contact me to learn more about the benefits of life coaching, or to schedule your free consultation today.

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