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At Rashmi Javed Coaching, I empower intentional living with a mindfulness-based approach. Our blog series seeks to explore key topics that will also help you define and achieve your life, career, and parenting goals.

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The Power and Benefits of Life Coaching

The Power and Benefits of Life Coaching

The Power and Benefits of Life Coaching


Life takes a lot of twists and turns.

Some days, we may feel in control, and other days we may want to throw in the towel. The mounting stressors of everyday life can make us feel everything from lonely and inadequate to resentful and powerless. That’s where the power and benefits of life coaching come into play.

Even the most resilient and successful among us may need to reach out for help from time to time. With proper coaching from a certified life coach, you can learn how to properly take care of your mind and body so you can define and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Who Benefits from a Life Coach?

If you’re feeling dissatisfied with one or more parts of your life, you may need guidance as you search for meaning and purpose. As much as you talk with trusted family or friends, read relevant articles, or listen to podcasts, you may still feel misguided or unmotivated to set meaningful goals — and achieve them.

While everyone feels stressed, overwhelmed, sad, and anxious at some point in their lives, those individuals who are having trouble navigating those feelings while keeping up with life’s demands may benefit from working with an accredited life coach. Everyone from successful business leaders and entrepreneurs to parents and college students partner with life coaches to help them overcome challenges and live more intentionally.

What is a Life Coach?

Life coaches guide people in defining, addressing, and meeting specific personal and professional needs, thus helping them to regain power in their lives. With specialized expertise in delivering customized guidance, trained life coaches help individuals make tough decisions, develop clarity, sharpen skills, and develop a new level of accountability. By building relationships that are based on trust and respect with their clients, life coaches can effectively cultivate interests, empower action, and shift mindsets in the name of healing and growth.

How Can Life Coaches Help us Feel Powerful?

In an effort to live more authentically, we need to be unabashedly honest with ourselves and those we trust on our path to self-growth. Effective life coaches use the right words, proven tools, and time-tested methodologies to help individuals unlock their potential and start living an intentional, empowered life — despite the ever present challenges.

They also help sustain the momentum required to stay on course in determining and realizing goals that are in line with the life you have the power to live. What feels more powerful than reveling in the resilience we’ve built to face life’s challenges? Life coaches offer the experience and expertise to help individuals get over limiting beliefs and live more mindfully.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” – Lao Tzu

What are the Benefits of Working with a Life Coach?

While it’s clear that there are many reasons why people in different places in their lives may seek the assistance of a life coach, the following are some of the most common benefits of working with a life coach.

  • Prioritize self-care

  • Build resilience and strength

  • Set and achieve meaningful goals

  • Develop self-love

  • Improve clarity, motivation, and drive

  • Manage anxiety, depression, or other mental disorder

  • Set healthy boundaries

  • End toxic relationships

  • Deal with loss of loved one

  • Deal with loss of relationship

  • Manage difficult emotions

  • Live more intentionally

  • Overcome perfectionism

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Choose positive energy

How I Can Help

In my life coaching practice, I use mindfulness as a tool in guiding my clients to consciously live in the present. Practicing mindfulness enables healthy responses to emotional triggers, mental clutter, and overwhelming feelings. By encouraging individuals to bring a high level of awareness to their physical, mental, and emotional states, I empower self-transformation in different parts of their life.


Contact me to learn more about the benefits of life coaching, or to schedule your free consultation today.


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