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A Partner in Your Journey of Self-Discovery

Over the course of my 18 years of corporate experience — which included successfully fulfilling global roles for top technology organizations — my values and beliefs have evolved to appreciate the importance of living an authentic and true life no matter your circumstances.

As a mother, professional, woman, and certified life coach, I understand how life's demands make us vulnerable to stress, anxiety, and helplessness, and how the power of mindfulness can inform a more intentional, conscious lifestyle.

My coaching certifications were completed at Coach University, which is affiliated with International Coach Federation, where I am also a member, and Shefali Tsabary’s Coaching Institute. I’ve had the privilege of working with people from all walks of life as they work toward achieving truly life-changing fulfillment, success, awareness, certitude, and peace of mind.


From students and professionals to entrepreneurs and women who wear multiple hats, my diverse range of clients benefit from the mindfulness-based approach that I take in helping them create a more gratifying life.

Life Coach New York, Career Coach New York, Parenting Coach New York


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How I Can Help You

Life Coach New York, Career Coach New York, Parenting Coach New York

As your certified coach, I offer the specialized support you need to maximize your potential in achieving unique life, career, and parenting goals.

It is not my mission to remove the mounting pressures in your life, but rather accelerate the process of growth as you develop a keen sense of purpose and resilience.

Building a trusted relationship with a life coach can offer extensive health benefits and transformative effects that only a seasoned and compassionate professional can help deliver.

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Are you ready for your journey of self-discovery to begin?

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