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Build a “Connection-based” Relationship with Your Children

Do you feel uncharacteristically stressed, overwhelmed, or irritable as you try to parent your child/ren with love and compassion? You are certainly not alone. Whether you struggle to find better ways to parent your child, they are experiencing behavioral issues, or you feel a lack of connection with them, my conscious parenting program can help.

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With a mindfulness-based approach, I guide parents into adopting the conscious parenting method of making more deliberate parenting choices.


As originally articulated by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of “The Conscious Parent,” and owner of the Shefali Tsabary’s Coaching Institute, parenting is an opportunity for self growth which will enable a more intentional way of living for you and your children.

Life Coach New York, Career Coach New York, Parenting Coach New York

By understanding that we have the power to transform our mindset as a means of building a more “connection-based” relationship with ourselves and our children, we can access the tools we need in the face of stress and personal triggers. As we try to set healthy boundaries with our children, we, too, benefit from living with more intention and consciously choosing growth over perfection.

Benefits of Working with a Parenting Coach

Build a connection-based relationship

Develop more confident parenting skills

Enable your child/ren to thrive

Help child/ren get in touch with their own spirit

Identify tools to deal with behavioral issues

Let go of unrealistic expectations

Manage parental triggers

Set healthy boundaries

Reduce stress, anxiety, and irritability

Practice mindfulness

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Are you ready for your journey of self-discovery to begin?

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