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Mindfulness as a Tool

Even the most successful and well-intentioned among us can experience both mental and physical challenges. From a grievous life or career transition to your child's behavioral issues, life’s unrelenting stressors can trigger a hopeless or overwhelmed outlook. No matter what preceded these negative feelings, this level of dissatisfaction in life is often grounded in a set of limiting beliefs that should be reconsidered.

Life Coach New York, Career Coach New York, Parenting Coach New York
Life Coach New York, Career Coach New York, Parenting Coach New York

By mobilizing the doctrines behind eastern mindfulness philosophy and western psychology, I arm my clients with the essential skills and tools they need to manage stress, anxiety, irritability, and other growth-averse obstacles.


My mindfulness-based approach to delivering life coaching, career coaching, and parent coaching services are underscored by a simple but important belief: the power to tap into our potential lies in the present moment.

Practicing mindfulness may or may not incorporate breathing techniques and meditation, but it is always about intentionally silencing the chatter of our rising and fading thoughts that threaten to take us away from the present moment.

I believe that if we bring a high degree of awareness to our physical, emotional, and mental states, we can develop the capacity to create patterns of success, build resilience, and improve the quality of life for ourselves — and those around us.

Benefits of Mindfulness

Improves ability to focus and concentrate

Reduces stress

Enhances ability to fight illness

Improves emotion regulation

Increases interest in self-care

Increases clarity

Improves coping skills and strategies

Reduces incidence of destructive behavior

Improves social and relational skills

Boosts mental strength and resilience

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