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Set and Achieve Meaningful Career Goals

If you are struggling to successfully set and achieve meaningful career goals or lead your organization toward greater productivity, my career coaching services can help. As a certified coach, I create a nonjudgmental and compassionate environment in which to address concerns associated with career planning, setbacks, and transitions.

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From new employees to successful CEOs, a variety of professionals experience a host of challenges and work-related stressors. With the experience of a seasoned executive career coach, I help people across industries and levels tap into their potential to leverage personal strengths to support their professional goals. I believe that by choosing mindfulness over productivity, we are better equipped to make more sound decisions that drive better business outcomes.

Each career coaching program is unique to the specific career goals of the individuals who partner with me. As your certified career coach, I will work with you to uncover the truth about what’s preventing you from reaching your full potential. You will learn how to use that newfound clarity with purpose to achieve long-term, sustainable growth.

Life Coach New York, Career Coach New York, Parenting Coach New York

Benefits of Working with a Career Coach

Increase productivity

Practice mindfulness

Effectively plan a career transition

Form strong professional relationships

Develop healthy coping strategies

Work with more intention

Be an effective business leader

Prevent burnout

Set and achieve meaningful career goals

Create strategic plans of action

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Are you ready for your journey of self-discovery to begin?
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